5 trending glasses models worth buying before everyone else buys them

The number on the calendar and the bright sun in the morning seem to hint to all urban fashionistas that it’s time to think about buying new sunglasses. And it’s worth doing for a few reasons. Firstly, this accessory will help prevent premature wrinkles around the eyes (thanks to our beauty department for this information), and secondly, high-quality sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays (we wrote more about this in a separate article ). Thirdly, they will advantageously complement and complement any image.

Last year, all the street style heroes were literally “hunting” for mirrored models, Matrix-inspired options and glasses with tinted lenses. And it is worth noting that often the accessory becomes the main highlight of the whole image.

Which glasses will be popular this season? This is what we have to deal with. We’ve compiled five key trends everyone should know about.

like a librarian

Librariancore (aka librarian style) is one of this year’s leading aesthetics. Its adherents wear woolen suits with midi skirts, shirts with accented collars, open-toed shoes and rough square-framed glasses. It was the last accessory that particularly attracted the attention of fashion influencers. And if the original librarians wore glasses with clear lenses, the fashion community invites us to pay attention to slightly darkened options.

like in the 90s

As industry experts predicted, ’90s fashion is making a comeback. This is manifested in the collections of fashion brands (from Carven to The Row), in the images of star girls and even in campaigns “targeted” to the aesthetics of those years. But oval and tortoiseshell-patterned glasses from the ’90s, like Carolyn Bisset-Kennedy’s, definitely deserve victory in the “moment throwback” category. They’re worn the same way now as they were 30 years ago – in a duet with blue jeans, leather jackets, neat mules and headbands.

Like a techno party goer

Another big trend this season is the combination of futurism and sports. If we talk about specific examples, Balenciaga sunglasses with oddly shaped and mirrored lenses are at the top of the list. Such models quite organically fit into the image of regulars of Berghain and other techno clubs. Of course, it is not necessary to wear an accessory that has a total leather look. The heroes of street style suggest adding glasses to the image consisting of baggy jeans and tight tops with a bold slogan.

like a pilot

We advise all fans of the Aviator model to get ready, because they are finally back in fashion. Proof of this is not the clothes of street style heroes, but the appearance of the podium. For example, we have seen Aviators in the collections of Louis Vuitton, Off-White, Kidsuper, Burberry, Didu and many other brands. Talking about the glasses model so much can only mean one thing; Soon everyone will have their glasses model again.

Like an office siren

Office sirens are the most fashionable girls of 2024. They wear fitted blouses with a few buttons undone, pencil skirts, tight black turtlenecks, pointed slingbacks and stylish glasses. The latter is admired by Bella Hadid, fashion phenomenon Gabriette, Doja Cat and many other adherents of aesthetics. Narrow glasses with rectangular frames with almost no shading play an important role in the look – they add the right level of seriousness, bordering on sexuality. By the way, if you still want an accessory that will protect your eyes from the sun, choose light brown lenses.

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