Dark past: Britney Spears shared shocking details about her family

Britney Spears. Photo: Getty Images

Pop star Britney Spears is frequently in the news due to yet another scandal. She was recently found naked in front of a hotel after allegedly fighting with her boyfriend.

Fans of the star fear for the mental health of the 42-year-old artist, and now the media is again talking about his family’s dark past. The Daily Mail quoted Spears from the post, which she dedicated to her late grandfather, June.

Britney Spears with Grandpa June and Son. Photo: social networks

“My grandfather passed away completely alone when I was 28! I’ve always worked for my family because that’s all I know! The last two guys I dated sent me a list of things their kids wanted and they asked me to buy them! I wonder what it’s like to feel cared for! , Britney wrote.

Spears also wrote in her book The Woman Within Me that June sent her first two wives to a mental hospital. During treatment, Britney’s grandmother, Jean, was taking the same medications that Spears was on when her problems began.

Additionally, Britney claimed that her grandfather June, a Baton Rouge police officer, forced Britney’s father to exercise until he was exhausted, and that her father Jamie did the same to him.

So when Britney was placed in her father’s care, she had a hunch that something was wrong. “Remembering how my father raised June and how he raised me, I knew from the beginning that having him be my boss was going to be a literal nightmare,” Britney recalled in her memoir.

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