Five plus size lingerie brands to know, up to L cup

Do you prefer responsible, inclusive and made in France lingerie by Bertille Isabeau? The boldest one in Panache? More retro from Elomi? More historical fantasies? Or even sexier Freya? These affordable brands, which go up to an L cup, are worth checking out.

When you have generous breasts, you can find comfort in a good bra (although it is not mandatory, of course, you do what you want, it is good to remember this) which can prevent some back pain. But to avoid wearing too much hair in too small bonnets (like Aya Nakamura at the Met Gala 2024 in Balmain clothes by Olivier Rousteing) or because of a tour of two very old ones, still do the know-how towards those brands if turn. Here are 5 that are worth the detour, with varied aesthetics and affordable prices.

The most French, responsible and inclusive: Bertille Isabeau

Since 2017 the Maison de lingerie Bertille Isabeau works to create increasingly inclusive and sustainable collections. And this, with quality materials: GOTS certified cotton, Calais lace and OEKO-TEX mesh (label that guarantees exemplary traceability and safety of materials). All made in Paris. There you can find lingerie from sizes from XS to XXXL, with the possibility of creating tailor-made products on request, whatever your size. The consequence of all these concrete commitments is that the brand turns out to be quite high-end: you can count on a hundred euros for a pair of panties.

The +: Thanks to a pre-order system, French designer Bertille Isabeau produces just what you need, at the fairest price possible, avoiding inventory (and the additional costs that come with it, which brands often pass on to customers). Enough to make the brand even more ecologically responsible, in addition to its inclusive feminist imagery that’s good for your retinas.

The boldest: Panache

Founded in the 1980s by Antony Power in the UK, Panache is a lingerie brand for large-busted people who want support, comfort and a perfect shape. There you can find briefs starting from €10 and the most expensive bras at €55, from cups D to K.

The +: There you can find both fun and colorful lingerie and the more classic one, but also sports underwear and swimsuits.

The most retro and cool: Elomi

Founded in 2008, British brand Elomi dresses all breasts up to K cups, with a colorful, often retro aesthetic. Instead, count on €25 for the cheapest panties and up to €80 for the most expensive bras.

The +: in addition to swimsuits, the brand also offers berets and babydools for extra days, and also lots of plus-size bridal lingerie.

The most historical: Fantasies

Since 1951, Fantasie has been designing lingerie for different body shapes in high-quality fabrics from the Wacoal Europe group, back sizes ranging from 30 to 44 and cup sizes from B to JJ (UK sizes). Expect €26 for the cheapest panties, and up to €86 for more sophisticated babydoll dresses or €80 for richly embroidered bras.

The +: for embroidery and lace enthusiasts there is spoiled for choice.

The sexiest without too many frills: Freya Lingerie

Freya Lingerie is another brand of the Wacoal Europe group (leader in the women’s lingerie market, from cup A to O and back size from 70 to 120). It asserts a more modern and sexy identity, thanks in particular to the use of cutouts. Bet €24 for the cheapest panties and up to €68 for the fanciest hair bands or sexiest bodysuits.

The +: We appreciate that the brand knows how to play the card of cut and transparency, which allows it to be more modern than traditional lace.

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