‘It was good that he wore a hat’: Tom Holland’s father Dominic explains why his son did not attend the Met Gala

Tom Holland. Photo: Getty Images

Another “truant” Tom Holland did not accompany his beloved Zendaya to the Met Gala due to her injury. His father reported this. However, Tom himself gave clues with mysterious posts on social networks.

As it turned out later, at the end of April the young man was playing golf and was hit in the forehead by a ball. He posted a photo on his blog proving a valid reason for not attending the event.

Tom Holland posted a photo of his injury. Photo: social networks

Details were shared by Tom’s father, Dominic, who witnessed the incident. “The intruder was Alex Roberts, Tom’s close friend… He did not know that his valued comrade was on the left. Tom was lucky he was wearing a hat. These are essential for survival in Scotland in April,” joked Holland Sr. He added that Tom was sent to hospital for examination.

Therefore, on the day of the prom, the actor limited himself to a hot publication dedicated to his girlfriend Zendaya. She posted photos of two of her Met Gala 2024 looks and accompanied them with loving emojis.

Source: People Talk

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