What to bring to a picnic during May holidays and weekends?

Instead of sitting on the veranda of a restaurant where there will be a lot of people during the May holiday, we recommend having a picnic as an alternative. Gather your close friends and choose a beautiful place; We’ll help you think of an entertainment program and gather everything you need.

a basket of food

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It is best to take a special picnic basket with you because it will not only hold all the necessary items, but will also prevent food from spoiling by protecting them from direct sunlight.

food containers

It is recommended to pre-wash all products, peel them, cut them into slices and put them in food containers. This way the food doesn’t get mixed up and it’s easy for everyone to remove.


Choose a large blanket to make it easier for guests to sit on the grass. It is better to choose smooth fabrics rather than linoleum or fleecy coatings.

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Kitchen utensils

If you care about the environment, bring cutlery to all your friends instead of disposable plastic tableware. Of course, glasses are much lighter than glasses, so take a thermos with you and tell all your guests to take the same. The important thing is that you do not strain yourself too much with the weights.

first aid kit

Many people forget to take the first aid kit with them, but in vain. There is a risk of injury during active games in nature, exposure to insect bites, and burns when barbecuing. It is always good to have antiseptic on hand to treat the wound.


In nature you cannot do without repellent. Before biting a person, mosquitoes inject anesthetic-containing saliva into the bloodstream. Therefore, we do not feel the blood being sucked from us. However, later on, our skin becomes itchy and scratched. To prevent this, take mosquito spray with you.

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Warm clothes and hat

The weather is unpredictable. You may leave the house in a light top and shorts, and shiver from the cold and rain on the way home. So, just in case, take some outerwear with you or at least a warm blanket to throw on. An umbrella or raincoat may also be useful. It is also important to take care of your skin and eyes in hot weather. Don’t forget to take sunglasses, an umbrella or a hat with you to prevent sunstroke.

Table games

Be sure to consider an entertainment program. Bring board games or cards. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, tarot readings are still fun.

Barbecue, folding furniture and bicycles

If you have a car, it will not be a problem to take a barbecue and folding furniture with you for a picnic. In other cases, limit yourself to a lighter menu and a blanket on the grass. You can load some of your belongings on your bike to avoid carrying everything on you. This will make your job much easier.

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