Will you be going to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour? Here’s everything you need to know

More than a year after starting her tour across the Atlantic, Taylor Swift finally arrives here for four dates in Paris and two in Lyon in early June. From friendship bracelets to little Swiftie traditions, here’s what you need to know if you’re headed to her Eras Tour.

Finally ! After the fierce battle to secure tickets and months of agonizing waiting, The Eras Tour is finally here.

More than a year after starting her tour in the United States and after visiting Latin America, Asia and Australia, Taylor Swift finally arrives in Europe. And it is precisely from Paris that the American star will begin her visit, with four dates from 9 to 12 May at the Paris La Défense Arena, before arriving on 2 and 3 June at the Groupama Stadium in Lyon.

Are you one of the lucky ones to have your place? And like a good Swiftie, do you want to participate 100% in the collective jubilation? From choosing your outfit to the traditions to follow during the different songs, here is everything you need to know before leaving for the Eras Tour.

An outfit for every era

You probably already know, but The Eras Tour is a retrospective of Taylor Swift’s entire discography: with the exception of her self-titled first album, released in 2006, all “eras” of her career are represented. Perhaps we will also have the chance to see some songs from her latest work performed there, The Department of Tortured Poets.

And while Taylor Swift renews her universe with each album, she also changes outfits very often during her tour. Like her, Swifties have therefore got into the habit of dressing according to the “Era” that speaks to them most: pop looks to celebrate Loverbright clothes in reference to the clothes she portrayed at the time Fearlesslong fluffy dresses in homage to Folkloredark and sexy clothes to deal with Reputation


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On TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Taylor Swift fans compete in inventive looks to claim their favorite Era. If you want to follow suit, there are also specialized sites to give you inspiration and even buy the perfect dress.

However, it is good to remember that nothing forces you to wear shiny cowboy boots or an uncomfortable bodysuit for the Taytay concert. If you feel more comfortable in your usual jeans and sneakers, come as you are.


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Friendship bracelets by the dozen

In reference to the song “You’re On Your Own, Kid”, where Taylor Swift sings “Make friendship bracelets, seize the moment and savor it”Swifties have gotten into the habit of making, and then exchanging, these friendship bracelets by mixing colorful beads and letters to transcribe some of his song titles or iconic lyrics like “Fuck the Patriarchy” from “Tutto bene” “Sexy baby” that we hear in “Anti-Hero”, “Classic red lips” in reference to the “Style” o “Because she’s dead!” » to celebrate the era Reputation.

The phenomenon is such that according to the American payment app Klarna website, sales of friendship bracelet kits increased by 915% in 2023, in the United States alone.


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A tutorial for making a friendship bracelet

Would you like to participate in this tradition dear to Swifties? It will cost you a few tens of euros to find a friendship bracelet kit and then many hours to make them. You will easily find tutorials on social networks. But once again, no injunctions: if you don’t want to have your wrists adorned with bracelets or you simply don’t have the time to get them, that’s totally fine.

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The lucky 13

Since the beginning of her career, Taylor Swift has made “13” her favorite number. During her first appearances on stage, when she was still a little girl, she took to writing this lucky number on the back of her hand.

In reference to this period of their idol’s life, his fans have taken up this tradition by noting “13” on their hands.

And during the concert?

Swifties love to show they belong to a community, and Taylor Swift pays it forward. Over the course of her tours, the star developed a bond of complicity with her fans that we still feel today at the Eras Tour through the various rituals that she and they follow during her performances. Do you need to study a little before going to her concert? Here they are (non-exhaustive list):

  • During “You Gotta Calm Down,” Taylor says “Show me your hands” : This is the sign that you should raise your arms in the air and move them along with her to the beat of the song. You will also have to shout very loudly: “Because the shadow has never made anyone less gay” in support of the LGBTQIA+ community, to which the song is dedicated.
  • In “Fearless,” when Taylor Swift sings “He is fearless”you will have to form a heart with your hands above your head.
  • On “You belong to me”, at the moment of the verse “I’m the one who makes you laugh / When you know you’re about to cry”you have to clap your hands twice to the rhythm of the drums.
  • During the Evermore era, when the song “Marjorie” is sung, you have to turn on your phone and turn on the flash, in homage to your late grandmother.
  • At the beginning of the performance of “Delicate”, at the end of the first verse “But you can make me a drink”it is necessary to intone “1, 2, 3, come on bitch!” »
  • Again during “Delicate,” when Taylor Swift asks questions “Do the girls at home touch you like I do?” »you have to say “No, they do not”.
  • In “Don’t Blame Me”, when the lights come on at the end of the first verse “Every time you love me, every time you love me”you have to shout “Take us to church, Taylor!” ».
  • In “All To Well,” you have to shout the words really loudly “Fuck the Patriarchy” as well as “How does it feel?” » After “You said if we were closer in age maybe it would have been okay”.
  • In “Bad Blood”, after Taylor sings “Live with ghosts”you have to say “You forgive, you forget but you never let it go”as Kendrick Lamar in the featuring version of the song.
  • In “Anti-Hero”, after Taylor sings “Like some kind of congressman?” »it needs to be replaced “A story as old as time” Of “Taylor, you’ll be fine.”.
  • In “Bejeweled,” after Taylor sings “And in any case”you have to ask “Where are you going Taylor?” »so that she answers” I’m going out tonight”. What to add “Yes you are!” »
  • On “Karma” you need to replace “Karma is the boy on the screen” Of “Karma is the Chiefs guy”, in reference to her new boyfriend Travis Kelce. Again on this song, when Taylor Swift sings “Karma takes all my friends to the top”you have to answer him “Facts!” »

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And again, if you don’t know all these little traditions, that’s okay. You don’t need a degree in Taylor Swift to enjoy the concert and have fun. We wish you a good Eras Tour!

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