“No hysteria”: Maria Shumakova, who recently gave birth, revealed her weight

Maria Shumakova, star of the TV series ‘Latin Life’, became a mother for the first time in April. The actress gave birth to a son, Leonid, from her husband Slava Gusev. She gained an extra 10 kilos after pregnancy. For a month the artist did not want to change anything, but now he started the path to slimness.

Maria Shumakova. Photo: A frame from the “La Dolce Vita” series

Shumakova admitted that currently her weight is more than 83 kg. “The task now is to return to the usual 68-65. I will gradually return 3-4 kg per month, without hysteria. Plans include intermittent fasting or 1600-1700 kcal plus exercise in a month,” Maria shared on her personal blog.

Maria Shumakova. Photo: social networks

The actress added that she loves her own body and that she is curvy, but she feels more comfortable at her old weight. According to Maria, branded skirts encourage her to lose weight, “where at most one leg can now fit.” Shumakova invited her fans to join her fight. “There will be no marathon, we will just share our emotions, results, victories and failures in the comments once or twice a week,” the young mother summarized.

Let’s remember that Maria talked about childbirth before. As it turned out, the actress had a cesarean section. Shumakova experienced great fear before the operation.

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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