“Extend the time I will spend with him”: Timati’s mother touchingly addressed her grandson

It seems that the whole Internet already knows about Timati’s mother’s respectful attitude towards her grandson. But Simone decided to once again touchingly address 10-year-old Alice, whom her subscribers did not appreciate very much.

Timati Simon’s mother and daughter. Photo: social networks

In her last post on social media, the woman first talked about her life when her sons were growing up. She then began to obtain a second higher education and travel. Simone admitted that she was delighted to be raising a daughter after two sons. “To say it is difficult for me is to say nothing. It’s not right to say I can cope, but I really love this fragile girl with a childish look, I hope she does her best to everyone.
“Hey you over there!” Our story is just beginning, please extend the time I spend with him!” – wrote the rapper’s mother.

Timati’s daughter Alisa. Photo: social networks

Internet users did not appreciate this move and began to write that all these emotions should be felt by parents, and not grandmothers: “Why are you taking on the role of parents?”, “Excuse me, but do his parents know that they have him? Otherwise, it’s as if you are raising him yourself and just taking him on vacation you write…”, “Parents have to cope, you have to pamper and love sometimes.”

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