Scrapes and short haircut: Anya Taylor-Joy has changed radically

Anya Taylor-Joy attracted attention with her appearance. The actor starred in the movie “Furiosa”, where he played one of the main roles.

Anya Taylor-Joy. Photo: Getty Images

For the sake of filming the movie, she abandoned her long blonde hair in favor of dark strands and a short haircut. With the help of make-up, cuts were made on the artist’s face and a steel prosthesis with sharp claws was attached to one of his hands.

Anya Taylor-Joy. Photo: social networks

The bold experiment turned out to be very successful. It received many rave reviews on social networks. Paris Hilton was one of the first to react to the actress’ transformation, dropping a “fire” emoji in the comments.

Let us also remind you that Taylor-Joy previously surprised her fans with a video from a wedding decorated in horror movie style. Extraordinary delicacies, especially bloody heart-shaped cakes, were waiting for the guests on the tables.

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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