Maria Ilyukhina spoke harshly about the talent of the actress, who was approved for the role in the spin-off of the series “Voronins”

Last week, Masha from Voronins reported that she learned from social networks that a spin-off film of the series called “Kostya – Vera” was being shot. The actor claims that he was not invited to the shooting, but the casting for his role was announced. This decision surprised Maria Ilyukhina. Moreover, according to the artist, the new story will be built around his character.

Maria Ilyukhina. Photo: social networks

Maria called on her fans to unite and demand that STS management not change the cast. But mass appeals from fans did not help. On May 6, it became known that 22-year-old actress Karina Orlova was chosen for the role of the Voronins’ eldest daughter. But the rest of the caste remained unchanged.

Ilyukhina made harsh comments about the talent of her colleague who was chosen for the role. “Shall we discuss that the professional actor type consists of two parts in one movie? What about education? Do you understand now what kind of roles they give you? Okay, they never took my image, but he is not a professional person, what a shame… And yes, friends, many people ask if the players support it, but not a single player wrote. Draw your own conclusions,” Maria said on her Telegram channel.

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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