“It was humiliating. “I had to leave”: Dua Lipa reveals how fans angered her

Dua Lipa. Photo: Getty Images

Singer and model Dua Lipa was upset about being mocked by her followers. The 28-year-old celebrity even deleted her blog from the popular social network. Although the singer continues to prepare and release her third studio album, she cannot forget the malicious comments on the internet.

The reason for the jokes was a video of a girl dancing, shot several years ago. Dua Lipa’s movements made her followers laugh and they even compared her to a pencil in a sharpener.

She said the most offensive thing was this comment: “I like the lack of energy, come on girl, don’t give us anything!” The lyrics became a meme and were quoted against other singers, including Taylor Swift, unflatteringly comparing them to Dua Lipa.

“First people took this song I was dancing to online and turned it into a meme, and then when I won the Grammy for Best New Artist they said: ‘Dua Lipa doesn’t deserve this, she has no artistry.’ It was humiliating. I had to leave,” he told the Guardian.

According to the star, it was a difficult period in her life. But she loved singing too much to give up. After a while, Lipa released the song Don’t Start Now and danced on stage again. The singer said that this time the audience welcomed him well. Many admitted that they were wrong when they mocked the aspiring artist.

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