“I was starving for nine months”: Kelly Osbourne spoke openly about her pregnancy

Kelly Osbourne. Photo: social networks

Actress Kelly Osbourne, 39, has severely limited herself on food for the sake of her son. She literally had to starve throughout her pregnancy. As a result, the celebrity lost almost 40 kilos.

Conversations revolve around Kelly’s weight loss. Fans of the star are surprised how she managed to lose weight in such a short time. He was known to use a popular weight loss drug. She later denied these rumors and stated that she was just adjusting her diet.

The girl had to decide on this step due to a disease diagnosed during pregnancy. Kelly gave up her favorite foods due to gestational diabetes.

“I haven’t had the kind of pregnancy where you eat whatever you want. It was terrible. I starved for nine months, but the disease really scared me,” the celebrity told PEOPLE. Kelly Osbourne said her brother shot her with a shotgun. Jack Osborne pointed his shotgun at his leg.

Source: People Talk

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