Mother’s Day: find THE gift for your mother with Marionnaud and its beauty products for all budgets

Running out of inspiration as Mother’s Day approaches? Make sure you please your mother by opting for Marionnaud beauty products. Regardless of their tastes and your budget, you will inevitably find something that will make them happy.

This is your gift challenge for the next few weeks. Finding the ideal Mother’s Day surprise is not something to be taken lightly. Indeed, it is difficult to find a new nugget every year that matches the personality and tastes of your dear mother.

The only way to hit the mark is to turn to the safe values ​​that are Marionnaud beauty products.. Whether your mother is more of a natural, dressed up, cool or glamorous type, there will definitely be a product for you. The brand celebrates women in their diversity with alternatives suitable for each.

Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift, whatever your budget

The desire to reach as many people as possible which can also be found in its three different price ranges. Small budgets will be able to please the mother without any problem with the little touches for less than €30. Larger wallets will prefer to turn towards beautiful gifts up to €60. Otherwise your queen of the day will be waiting for an XXL gift thanks to the great surprises at more than €60.

To help you make your choice among the multitude of products, nothing like a small selection invented by us. Between 30/04 and 20/05 take advantage of free delivery on all your purchases and, the icing on the cake, Marionnaud allows you to personalize your gift by adding a small personalized message on the gift ribbon.

There’s no way this affordable eyeshadow palette won’t please all moms

Marionnaud's palette of blooms // Source: Marionnaud
Marionnaud’s palette of blooms // Source: Marionnaud

You don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars to please your mother. With the special florescence Mother’s Day palette by Marionnaud at €19.99 the wow effect is guaranteed. No fewer than 14 eyeshadow shades can be found in this palette with a very poetic floral motif. Or shades of pink and brown which can offer a fresh and natural look or, on the contrary, more intense depending on the shades chosen.

Mother’s Day will be relaxing or it won’t be with this rejuvenating box

The Ritual of Sakura rejuvenating box set from Rituals // Source: Marionnaud
The Ritual of Sakura rejuvenating box set from Rituals // Source: Marionnaud

Nothing better thana regenerating box set like The Ritual of Sakura by Rituals for €39.90 to offer your little one a moment of relaxation. Inside, body and home products based on cherry blossoms and rice milk to immerse you in an atmosphere of complete relaxation. You will find a shower gel, a scrub and a body cream as well as a scented candle. Perfect for making your bathroom the ultimate place of relaxation.

From 08/05 to 22/05 take advantage of further gifts to spoil your mothers

You will have understood, this year Marionnaud wants to help you celebrate mothers properly. The brand invites you to complete your gifts to give your mothers what they deserve.

– For any purchase between €69 and €99 in store or online, Marionnaud adds this pretty makeup palette to your gift package.

– If your gift budget starts at 99 euros, Marionnaud has collaborated with the Bergamote florist to offer you a 20 euro voucher on its website and, thus, shower your mother with love and flowers.

– For larger budgets, you will receive an Emma & Chloé bracelet for every purchase starting from 150 euros in a store or institution.

Luxury is invited in these perfume boxes with various fragrances

The Yves Saint Laurent Libre eau de parfum set // Source: Marionnaud
The Yves Saint Laurent Libre eau de parfum set // Source: Marionnaud

It’s impossible to go wrong with an eau de parfum set. It really is THE perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Last detail, find the one that best suits you. Fans of floral notes in love with nature and freedom will surely succumb to the Libre box set by Yves Saint Laurent at €124.99 whose flagship product is obviously the famous eau de parfum. The bold scent of lavender combines here with Moroccan orange blossom to form a captivating and deliciously feminine cocktail. A body lotion with a similar scent and a volumizing mascara with a false eyelash effect, both from the brand, complete this lovely gift. The limited edition packaging is also the result of a collaboration between the German artist Moritz Berg and Yves Saint Laurent beauty, chic!

The La Nuit Trésor eau de parfum set by Lancôme // Source: Marionnaud
The La Nuit Trésor eau de parfum set by Lancôme // Source: Marionnaud

Flowers can otherwise bring the right amount of sensuality to mothers confident in their charm with the cheerful colorful La Nuit Trésor box set by Lancôme for €122.99. The famous eau de parfum that replicates a black diamond makes the black rose the essence of its mysterious and lascivious elixir enriched with notes of vanilla orchids. Combined with the scented milk and the La Nuit Trésor scented shower, your mother will leave behind an intoxicating scent that no one will be able to forget.

Rabanne's Fame eau de parfum set // Source: Marionnaud
Rabanne’s Fame eau de parfum set // Source: Marionnaud

More fruity but equally sensual, Paco Rabanne’s Fame box set dedicated to sparkling women costs €151.99. The delicious mango of the eau de parfum combined with the pure jasmine and creaminess of the incense reveal a sweet scent that is truly addictive. The key is the right amount of sexy confidence that your mom won’t be able to do without. This is good, you will also find it in the included Fame body lotion. And how can we not mention the sublime case that incorporates the aesthetics of the house’s emblematic mesh-metal. No matter her personality or your possibilities, the perfect Mother’s Day gift will surely be among these superb Marionnaud beauty products.

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