Anna Mikhalkova broke the silence on social networks and showed her adult sons

Anna Mikhalkova did not post anything on the banned social network for a long time. His last article was published on February 20, 2022. The actor unexpectedly broke his silence on social networks and showed his adult sons.

Anna Mikhalkova

Yesterday, Nikita Mikhalkov’s daughter celebrated the birthday of her eldest son Andrei, who turned 24 years old. “I want everything to go well in your life. I want you to feel like a child at least sometimes. Anna, I want you to meet people with whom you will find something to think about,” she wrote.

Anna Mikhalkova’s son Andrey. Photo: social networks

And today Sergei celebrates his 23rd birthday. “I admire you, your achievements, your growth, your life subject to a routine that only you know!” – touchingly addressed his son on social networks.

Anna Mikhalkova is the son of Sergei. Photo: social networks

Let’s remember that Anna Mikhalkova and her husband Albert Bakov, whom she married in 2007, also have a daughter named Lydia.

Anna Mikhalkova with her daughter Lydia. Photo: social networks

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