Glazed blush is the spring beauty trend, here’s how to reproduce it

Getting shine is sometimes an impossible mission. But a beauty trend, that of frosted blushes, is about to change everything. We explain how to easily adopt it.

All the experts were unanimous: matte makeup will replace luminous makeup in 2024. And if few took part in the game, now we can say that it is not unanimous. Result: Cosmetics brands are focusing on lightweight formulas that promote glow. And new beauty trends are emerging, and one of them, Glazed Blush, is especially hot right now.


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Glazed blush: how to achieve this result?

The Glazed Blush trend was born from a photo published by model Mélissa Hurkman, who participated in a beauty shoot for the Patrick Ta brand. Glowing skin, glowing blush… Her skin exudes health. Of course, Internet users wondered what his secret was. His response: “Just a little cream blush on top of a powder blush and a little radiance balm”. A chemistry that can make more than one person shiver.

And although this result requires the use of many products, today there are formulas that allow you to obtain this luminous effect, almost as if the skin had been wet. Blush of rare beauty has succeeded in this challenge and contains within it all the pigmentation of a blush and the brightness of a highlighter.

If you don’t want to invest in a new formula, don’t panic! It’s easy to get the same result. As ? Simply mixing your favorite liquid blush with a liquid highlighter. Apply everything on the cheekbones with a blush brush and you will obtain the desired satin effect. Don’t thank us!


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