What is syntribation, this little-known (but very effective) masturbation technique?

Behind this somewhat mysterious word lies (perhaps) your new favorite way of masturbating. Introducing syntribation.

When it comes to solitary pleasure, everyone often has their own preferences, whether it’s their favorite position, the use (or not) of an accessory, or even the fantasy they invoke…

However, it can also be nice to vary your pleasures and get out of your comfort zone. And that’s exactly what we offer this method of masturbation is as effective as it is discreetwhich promises to make you discover new sensations.

His name ? Syntribation. “The interest of this lesser-known masturbation technique is twofold: it can be practiced hands-free and discreetly in public places”explains to the American media Good + goodsexual wellness expert Natasha Marie Narkiewicz.

Syntribation, what is it?

To practice syntribation you don’t need a sophisticated sex toy or even the use of your hands or any other part of your body other than your thighs, just squeezing together to achieve orgasm.

“Combined with friction and compression from the thighs, this technique can stimulate the internal and external parts of the clitoris,” details a Good + good the sexologist Kate Balestrieri. According to the practitioner, this technique works equally well in both people with a vulva and a penis, because the pressure exerted on the thighs allows them to “massaging, pulling or squeezing the testicles”. “Some people also like to place their penis between their thighs and use this massage or stroking sensation to self-stimulate. »

Original, syntribation also has the great advantage of being very discreet and silent, since it can be practiced hands-free, alone or as a couple, and above all without needing to take off your clothes. It also allows you to renew the practice of masturbation and open yourself up to the discovery of a different sensuality.

However, be careful not to hurt yourself! To avoid skin irritation due to repeated rubbing of the thighs, Dr. Balestrieri recommends wearing long pants or using a blanket or pillow between your legs.

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Syntribation, instructions for use

Testing a new masturbation method and achieving orgasm isn’t always easy. Also, don’t hesitate to take your time and combine thigh massage with other techniques that you like and that have already proven effective.

To make sure you achieve ecstasy, here’s what Dr. Balestrieri recommends.

  • First, get comfortable. Sit in a comfortable position, with or without clothing, tight or loose, depending on your preference.
  • Then, once you feel comfortable, cross your legs and squeeze your thighs together. Gently at first, then increasing the pressure until you feel yours “Sweet Spot”that is, the place where your genitals are stimulated by pressure.
  • Once you find the right position, you can continue to contract your thighs or squeeze them together repeatedly to increase arousal. This is because muscle contraction increases blood flow to the genital area, which can lead to greater arousal and therefore greater sensations. An effective symbiosis session can therefore result in an orgasm… or not.

The important thing, before trying to achieve ecstasy at all costs, is to discover your body and its preferences. Don’t hesitate, depending on your desires, to also touch your clitoris, equip yourself with an accessory or try edching (maintaining orgasm) to increase the pleasure tenfold… After all, only you know what makes you feel really good.

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