My Little Reindeer: Stephen King gives his honest opinion on the series!

For Stephen King, My Little Reindeer stands out in the streaming landscape for its thoughtful writing and its empathetic approach to mental disorders.

Were you surprised by the thematic, political and emotional depth of My little reindeer ? You are not the only one. The series in the top 1 of the most watched programs on Netflix in recent days has reached one of the masters of suspense and dark stories, Stephen King.

A series different from the others

For those who haven’t yet heard of the phenomenon, let’s remember what it is about My little reindeer. The series is inspired by the story of Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, creator of the programme. His character, Donny, is a bartender who aspires to be a comedian, but is unsuccessful. One day he offers a cup of tea to a woman, Martha. This modest attention is triggered in her an obsession which lasts 3 yearsduring which he will receive thousands of emails, letters, messages, and will be followed at home and at work.

My little reindeer has often been compared to one of Stephen King’s most cult works, Misery. Rightly so, given that its protagonist is the psychopathic nurse Annie Wilkesis one of the worst figures of stalker fanatic in literature and cinema (the novel was adapted in 1990).


On X, Stephen King expressed his enthusiasm for the miniseries. An enthusiasm that he argued at greater length in an article published in The weatheras noted Widescreen.

In the columns of the American media, the writer explained that it only took a few minutes My little reindeer it stands out from all the other series that we are used to seeing on platforms like Netflix or Prime Video. Without mincing words regarding these programs, Stephen King confided:

“Unlike most episodes of streaming series, which can feel bloated at 50 minutes – or more – My Little Reindeer episodes, at around 30 minutes each, are like sharp blows delivered by a very sharp knife. Here, less than two minutes into the first episode, we can see what sets My Little Reindeer apart of many dramas, dramatic comedies and psychodramas that populate casual wealth (and the most common mediocrity) of streaming.

My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix
My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix

Empathy for the characters

What distinguishes My little reindeer of the “common mediocrity” streaming series, to use Stephen King’s phrase? According to him, Richard Gadd’s series stands out for its characters with ambiguous mental health and his ability to make us feel empathy. He pursues:

In less than two minutes we were introduced to the essential elements about the two central characters. It’s both psychologically needybut it is Martha who is mentally unstable and manipulative. Yet Donny, despite his wide, hopeful eyes that continually say “don’t hurt me!” » – she has the unusual and rather heroic ability to see herself in herself.

“The great gift (I wouldn’t call it a reversal of the situation) of My Little Reindeer is this We understand why it took Donny so long to file a complaint about the abuse who suffered. It’s not because her attacker is a woman or because she is very fat. It’s because, deep down, Donny believes he deserves it. We don’t feel impatience but empathy for him, and we also feel compassion for Martha. »

My little reindeer is still available on Netflix.

My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix
My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix

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