Because the tenniscore fashion trend owes a lot to Zendaya and the movie Challengers

Even before its release in theaters, Luca Guadagnino’s film Challengers with Zendaya Coleman gave the actress’s stylist the opportunity to have fun with the stylistic codes of tennis. Law Roach even invited the general public to wear tenniscore looks. Polo, green, white and yellow pleated skirt are therefore highly recommended for playing, setting and matching. Anatomy of a trend.

Just like the movie Barbie by Greta Gerwig with Margot Robbie helped establish pink as the absolute trend color in 2023 (#Barbiecore), this could be it Challengers by Luca Guadagnino with Zendaya Coleman does it do the same for tenniscore?

How are Zendaya and her stylist Law Roach popularizing tenniscore?

It’s a safe bet, as the general public considers Zendaya Coleman a fashion icon. This is what he is used to doing dressing method for the promotion of these film projects. That is, continue to embody your character even for promotion. On the red carpet he often refers to tennis. Indeed, it is in this sport that the film’s heroine shines ChallengersTashi Duncan.

Zendaya’s most beautiful tenniscore looks for the promo of the film Challengers

On the Instagram account of Zendaya Coleman’s stylist, Law Roach, we can see one after another wink at tennis. A nightgown all in green sequins decorated with the motif of a tennis ball and the shadow of a tennis player by Loewe (luxury house artistically directed by Jonathan Anderson).

A sleeveless sweater-style mini dress with a V-neck and pleated skirt, perfect for the court, with fun white pumps decorated with a tennis ball planted in the heel (also all by Loewe).

Another white polo-style dress and long pleated skirt, decorated with a repeating motif of crossed tennis rackets (a look from the house of Thom Browne).

Another white look that combines a polo shirt (this time sleeveless) and a pleated bottom (a skort, or shorts for the more English-speaking ones) created by the On brand (to reproduce the look of the African-American champion Althea Gibson).

For this film released on April 24 in France and April 26 in the United States, Zendaya Coleman’s stylist, Law Roach, even decided to make tenniscore a fashion challenge. In an Instagram post dated April 25, he encourages everyone to wear tennis-inspired clothing and tag #TashiMadeMeWearIt on social media

How to easily adopt the tenniscore fashion trend?

Since then, there has been an avalanche of tennis balls, white polo shirts and immaculate pleated skirts or shorts on social networks, with the hashtags #TashiMadeMeWearIt and #Tenniscore.

To adopt the trend, nothing more: just think of tennis. So lots of white clothes, some green and yellow. Long live polo shirts, V-neck sweaters with or without sleeves, pleated skirts and even shorts. You can also do a very simple DIY: plant a real tennis ball in the heel of a pump for a result worthy of Zendaya Coleman.

So here’s some more inspiration if you want to get started with the tenniscore trend:

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