Jerry Seinfeld says TV comedy is being destroyed by ‘far left and PC crap’

Jerry Seinfeld continues to share his honest and sincere thoughts on the entertainment industry. The comedian had previously said that “the world of cinema is over” and that it has been replaced by “disorientation”.

During a recent interview with the New Yorker, Seinfeld talked about the state of television comedy and how it’s being killed by the “far left” and “PC crap.”

He explains that audiences no longer flock to televisions to enjoy comedy like they did decades ago.

He said: “Nothing really affects the comedy. People always need it. They need it so much and don’t understand it. It used to be that you would come home at the end of the day and most people would say, “Oh, Greetings is on. Oh, “MASH” is on. Oh, there’s “Mary Tyler Moore.” “All in the Family” is on air.

He added: “You just expected, ‘There’s going to be some fun stuff we can watch on TV tonight.’ Well, guess what… where is this? This is the result of the far left and PC bullshit, and people who care so much about offending other people.”

Seinfeld went on to say that audiences “will now see stand-up comics because we are not controlled by anyone. The public controls us. We know when we are off track. We know it immediately and we adapt immediately.

He continued: “But when you write a script and it ends up in four or five different hands, committees, groups: ‘Here’s our thoughts on this line.’ Well, that’s the end of your play.

Seinfeld went on to say, “We did an episode of [‘Seinfeld’] in the 1990s, when Kramer decided to start a business making homeless people pull rickshaws because, as he says, “they’re out anyway.” Do you think I could air that episode today?”

He explained: “Today we would write a different joke with Kramer and the rickshaw. We wouldn’t do that joke. Another joke would have come to mind. They move the gates like in a slalom.”

“Culture: the doors are moving. Your job is to be agile and intelligent enough to ensure that wherever they put the gates, I will make the gate.”

It all boils down to the fact that there aren’t that many good quality comedy series made today. Some of the few I’ve enjoyed watching in recent years, though, have been Curb your enthusiasm, Always sunny in PhiladelphiaAND South Park.

Those shows don’t seem to care about offending people and that’s what makes them entertaining. But Seinfeld believes TV networks are no longer interested in doing anything that would ruffle feathers and offend PC audiences.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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