Figure of the day: Elena Blinovskaya sells her car for 38 million rubles

The other day, Elena Blinovskaya’s lawyer, Natalya Salnikova, reported that the blogger is ready to pay the tax debt exceeding 900 million rubles. And there is already confirmation of his intention.

Elena Blinovskaya. Photo: social networks

Careful Internet users spotted an advertisement for the sale of Blinovskaya’s 2021 Lamborghini Urus. The blogger plans to receive 38 million rubles for this. Anybody wants?

Photo: screenshot from auto.ru

Let us remind you that Elena Blinovskaya was detained while trying to cross the border on April 27, 2023. At that time, she was accused of evading more than 918 million in taxes and legalizing 43 million rubles. The total debt, including unpaid fines, reached 1 billion 400 million lira.

The entrepreneur paid only 55 million rubles at once. On December 29, the businesswoman filed a lawsuit against the tax authorities and demanded that the decisions of the federal service be declared invalid. Recently the court extended the detention of Elena Blinovskaya until July 26.

Source: People Talk

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