The 10 strangest perfumes in the world: with the smell of money, zombies and french fries

When you get acquainted with these aromas, you immediately understand why the words “perfume” and “dushit” are related in Russian… But seriously, it is not customary to argue about flavors in perfumery. But still we decided to collect in this material the strangest (in our opinion) aromas in the world – the smell of french fries, a freshly unpacked MacBook, paint and gasoline.

taste of french fries

Frites from Idaho

Fragrance Frites from Idaho

Two years ago, farmers in Idaho developed a perfume that smelled like real French fries. The formula of the composition includes potato essential oils, which give the appropriate aroma. The price of one bottle of such a perfume is surprisingly low, but this makes a certain sense. The perfume costs $1.89, which is exactly the price you can buy french fries in America.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Idaho potatoes have been in the spotlight. So, in 1952, Marilyn Monroe starred in a minidress made from a sack of potatoes. With these provocative photos, she responded to her haters’ statements about her excessive vulgarity and overly expensive clothes.

Perfume “Sad Dreams of a Cthulhu Lover”

Malicious Dreams of Cthulhu in Love, Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory

This scent is inspired by the monster in Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu. Notes of seaweed, salt and dark chocolate give you the feeling that you are in the open ocean and somewhere below you swims Cthulhu, a giant man-eating octopus capable of tearing apart an entire ship or even a person. If you are afraid of depth, we do not recommend you to try this scent.

The smell of a freshly unpackaged MacBook

Eau de Mac Unboxing, Air Aroma

Photo: Getty Images

The perfume of a group of Australian artists and the Air Aroma company was created for true fans of Apple technology. After all, it’s nothing more than the aroma of a freshly opened box with a MacBook. The creators describe the perfume as “Notes of the plastic film covering the box, smells of paint, paper, cardboard, plastic and of course the aroma of an aluminum laptop produced in a factory in China.” The only thing is that it was presented only at the Greatest Hits exhibition in Melbourne in 2012. You can no longer buy the scent.

Eau de Toilette with paint and gasoline scent

Series 6: Synthetic Garage, Comme Des Garçons

Eau de Toilette Series 6: Synthetic Garage, Comme Des Garçons

As kids, we all loved the smell of a freshly painted fence or fresh asphalt. This perfume can take you to nostalgic memories of a happy past. For some, the aroma of this anti-perfume may seem sharp, but the crazy smell of gasoline and rubber can literally turn anyone’s head.

The scent of magic and fun

Dzing! L’Artisan Perfumery

The smell of Dzing! L’Artisan Perfumery

A scent that takes you to a shabby country circus. The sight of an old clown sitting awkwardly on a panting horse, a few sawdust getting into his mouth as the horse runs around the circus arena – you can feel it all. Feelings are as strange as they can be, but the woody leather scent will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

The smell of hot buttered toast

Eau de Toast, Bakers Federation

Eau de parfum Eau de Toast, Bakers Federation

An ideal morning breakfast would be complete without lightly toasted buttered toast. Already drooling? London designers do this too. A toast-scented perfume was presented at London Fashion Week in 2013 as a protest against dangerous methods of losing weight in pursuit of a dream figure. Therefore, the Bakers Federation can be considered as the scent of the modern body positivity movement. We are all beautiful and we don’t need to try to look like supermodels.

Perfume with a real zombie scent

Zombie, Demeter

Stink Zombie, Demeter

“The scent that will make the dead accept you as one of them.” According to the creators, that’s exactly what a real zombie smells like (though wait, it’s not real…). The perfume is inspired by The Walking Dead, so if you’re a fan of the movie or just love the smell of dampness, moss, and forest, you’ll love this.

smell of money

Money Cologne Eau de Parfum

Money Cologne Eau de Parfum

Money! Money! Money! We sing songs about them and dedicate perfumes to them. According to the scent’s creator, Patrick McCarthy, workers are more productive when they smell money (we couldn’t agree more). That’s why he decided to make two scents for his sales team, His Money Cologne and Her Money Cologne. To increase motivation, as they say. And crushed American dollars are used as filler for each perfume box.

Blue cheese scented perfume

Eau de Stilton

Perfume Eau de Stilton

Perfume that smells like blue cheese? No, this is not a joke. Stilton, a British company that produces blue cheese, created its own flavor as an advertisement in 2006. The scent of the perfume is quite strong and most people will find it disgusting (like the scent of flavor in general). But true blue cheese lovers will definitely be satisfied.

Veal chop flavor

Pork Barrel Barbecue Eau de Barbeque

Perfume Pork Barrel Barbecue Eau de Barbeque

In 2011, a local grill restaurant in Virginia (USA) launched a perfume that will make you smell like fresh beef patties. Sounds tempting, right? The fragrance was launched for International Father’s Day. It seems like everyone associates the smell of meat on the grill with spring gatherings with relatives, so you’ll be fully prepared by the May holidays!

Text: Yulia Subbotina

Source: People Talk

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