Fashion editor’s diary: Billie Eilish on the cover of Rolling Stone, Hedi Slimane’s possible departure from Celine and other fashion news of the week

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Hello to all fashion lovers! Your fashion editor is here. There are so many trends and brands in my world that I decided to keep an online journal where I would note the most important things in the industry. And although such diaries are often called personal, mine is open to all readers – so you will be aware of the most interesting things.

The long working week before the equally long May holidays is finally over, which means it’s time to remember everything that has happened in the world of fashion in the last six days. Did you know that there are rumors circulating in the fashion community that Celine’s creative director Hedi Slimane may soon leave the brand? They say it’s all about the difficulties that arose during contract negotiations with the owner of LVMH. Also in the spotlight was Billie Eilish, who appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone.

There were really many interesting events this week, so I suggest you take a short digital journey with me into the latest news from the world of fashion and learn a little more about our domestic brands, advertising campaigns and collections. Shall we begin?

What happens when you combine comfort, innovation and trends? We boldly declare that designer Natasha Ramsay-Levi (who, by the way, was previously creative director of Chloé) will have a second ECCO drop. Thus, the design of the NRL spring-summer collection harmoniously intertwines the sporty and the urban, the feminine and the masculine, the practical and the bold. “Collaboration with ECCO is a continuous learning process. My goal here is always to find a balance between experimental and functional design. I am trying to give the technology inherent in ECCO a new look that reflects the spirit of the times,” said Natasha Ramsay-Levi.

Models are made in branded bright colors – blue, bubblegum pink and rich red. Those who like calmer color tones will also find something for themselves in the ECCO collection. For example, we loved beige mules with fluffy tops. But the editor’s favorite was the blue-pink “ballet shoes” with velcro. After all, this model in an open-air style goes well with romantic dresses, as well as with cycling shorts and voluminous jorts.

Evgenia Linovich, one of the main romantics of the domestic fashion industry, has released a new collection called “Love is in the details”. And it is worth noting that it was read in every detail. The collection included bustier tops and miniskirts made of denim, dresses made of translucent lace with puff sleeves, open backs and stand-up collars, as well as floral-embroidered T-shirts, micro shorts and tailored tweed jackets with accent buttons and deep checks. catches. By the way, when creating this collection, Evgenia Linovich was inspired by the poem “But they will definitely love you for something else…” by the modern poet Yana Mkr. “In my case, these lines clearly describe the process of choosing a thing: how we pay attention to it, then look at the details and fall in love with it,” says Evgenia Linovich.

Looking for a new bag? Consider that this task has already been solved, because the brands RUSHEV and MANITU have teamed up to create a collection of the most desired products this spring. The collaboration included three bag models with descriptive names: Flame, Tobacco and BDSM. Each bag is unique as all products are assembled by hand and in stages from natural materials. To complete the look, brands offer to complement it with bold body kits. The collection includes huge chains, studded belts and, of course, fire keychains.

Rebranding is an important part of any company’s history. It allows you to attract a new audience, add a new perspective to established values ​​\u200b\u200band even change the brand itself to some extent. So just a few days ago, Spanish jewelery brand UNOde50 announced it would be rebranding globally. After 30 years of existence, the team has managed to find new insights to adjust the path of development, but at the same time retain the core values ​​of their DNA in their approach to creating handmade jewelry. The shape of the logo and the changing shade of corporate red indicate that the brand has become more dynamic, vibrant, surprising and capable of taking risks to reach new heights. UNOde50’s photography and video style reflects his new core value: spontaneity and self-belief.

If you do not know what to do during the May holiday, we recommend that you use your time productively. More precisely, go to MAMM to see the “Still Life Foundation Collection” exhibition. Masterpieces of world fashion photography.” The exhibition includes the works of legendary photographers who determined the development of world fashion photography in the 20th and 21st centuries: Irwin Penn, Horst P. Horst, Erwin Blumenfeld, Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, Patrick Demarchelier , Miles Aldridge , Nick Knight, Lillian Bassman, Sarah Moon and others believe it’s time to go, too.

With summer just over a month away, it’s time to choose the perfect shoes for the warm season. Today, The Fashion Vibes’s fashion department invites you to meet the Hike brand and its first summer model, Talk. It is worth adding that these polymer slides will definitely be appreciated by urban fashionistas, because they can be combined with literally everything. The model came in six color shades inspired by natural motifs. And every pair of Hike Talk’s eco-friendly packaging is recyclable. You definitely don’t need to throw it away. Useful for seasonal storage of shoes or for other purposes – as convenient packaging for travel, for example.

Wedding season can be considered officially open. It’s no wonder that all brides are actively searching for that dress that will leave the groom speechless. Looks like we know where to find it. Spoiler: In the collection of the Rasario brand. Moreover, this week the brand’s founder, Rasida Lakoba, received an award in the best wedding dress collection category at the main wedding awards, the Wedding Awards. The bridal collection echoes the main Rasario line, which also features intricate trains, corsets and bows. The unique cut of the product is the hallmark of the brand. Rasida Lakoba took the statuette from the stage wearing a white dress with contrast lace details from her latest Rasario collection, which she designed with transparent red gloves and a black boa.

This Monday, the entire fashion community of the capital went to MAMM. And no, definitely not to enjoy the exhibition. The event was the first large-scale show of the YULIAWAVE brand, where designer Yulia Vasilevskaya presented a new autumn-winter collection called Enso. By the way, it comes from the Japanese sign of the same name, a sacred circle – a symbol of balance embodied in an ideal form. Its meaning acts as the leitmotif of the entire collection: precise silhouettes, a monochromatic palette, the only round shape in the cut – all this explains the general concept, which is reflected in the perfection of Japan’s cultural code.

Models walked on the catwalk accompanied by a Japanese musician playing the 200-year-old taiko that was brought personally. The effect of such musical accompaniment was magical. However, at the end of the show, guests were treated to an art show. A koto player came on stage and took a large brush and painted the collection’s sign in the middle of the hall with black paint. The show ended with the touching appearance of Yulia Vasilevskaya with the children and the brand team.

Recently Kangaroo opened a salon in the Fashion Season gallery, right in the heart of the capital. Fans of the celebrities and friends of the brand, as well as representatives of the fashion industry, gathered with the founders of the company to celebrate the occasion. The following people walked along the bright pink path: Madonna Moore, Maria Lobanova, Anna Bakhireva, Maria Lysenok, Kristina Chicherina and others. Meanwhile, Kangaroo lounges offer literally everything that an expectant mother might need while expecting a baby, as well as everything that children between the ages of 0-16 and their mothers may need.

We all know how much fashionistas love the word “aesthetic” and everything it brings with it. Even breakfasts at home sometimes look better than restaurant breakfasts on social networks. Therefore, we believe that urban fashionistas are hunting not only for bags and shoes but also for tableware. If you agree with this, you will definitely like the next news. This week there was a presentation of the collaboration between the art brand MARIN and the porcelain artist Olga Krasovskaya. Porcelain Easter set “Harmony. Purity. The Beginning” features eight works of art: a miniature “Easter Bunny,” a mini vase, a basket for treats, and five snowdrop necklaces. Meanwhile, all products are made by hand using casting techniques from British biscuit porcelain, Parian Body Porcelain.

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