“This is a clear victory for Sacha Baron Cohen”: Chapter deleted from Rebel Wilson’s scandalous book

Sacha Baron Cohen. A frame from the movie “Borat”

Sacha Baron Cohen forced the publishing house that published Rebel Wilson’s memoirs to delete a chapter from her book. The text was literally covered in black lines.

In British copies of the star’s autobiography, part of the text was edited, which mentions harassment by actor Sacha Baron Cohen on the set of the movie The Brothers Grimsby.

“The publisher did not review this section of the book before publication and took the logical but extremely delayed step of removing Rebel Wilson’s defamatory statements. This only happened when evidence of defamation was presented,” Deadline quotes a statement from Cohen’s representatives.

In America, the book was published “uncut”. This caused a huge scandal that resulted in the collapse of Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher’s marriage. In response to the accusations, the actor immediately presented video evidence refuting Wilson’s words.

Source: People Talk

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