“He only gives me money”: Tatyana Bulanova talked about her relationship with her young husband

The 55-year-old star of the 90s has been married three times. Her first husband was the musician Nikolai Tagrin, from whom the singer gave birth to a son, Alexander. From her second husband, football player Vladislav Radimov, Tatyana Bulanova had a son named Nikita. She is now married to businessman Valery Rudnev, who is 19 years younger than the artist.

Tatyana Bulanova and Valery Rudnev. Photo: social networks

Tatyana Bulanova spoke openly about her former lovers and her current chosen one. It turned out that the ex-spouses did not want to please the singer. They were not generous, did not fully meet the artist’s needs and did not give him expensive gifts.

Tatyana even admitted that she borrowed money from her first husband and then returned it. “When I first got married, my wife and I had separate budgets. Bulanova admitted in an interview with Maria Lebedeva for her YouTube channel that only when the child appeared, it was already 50/50 for the child. By the way, she is still working with Tagrin.

Speaking about Radimov, the singer mentioned the word “abuser”. The athlete said he would take care of his wife. But as it turned out, these were just words.

Valery Rudnev does not spare money for his wife. “My husband is a very young man. For example, I go to a beautician or something. He just gives me money. This is not even discussed,” noted Tatyana Bulanova.

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