2000s-style Asian makeup is the latest trend discussed on TikTok

The most talked about trend on TikTok is Asian makeup of the 2000s. It was inspired by the image of South Korean singer Lee Hye Ri, the leader of one of the popular K-pop groups of the 90s. That’s why most users record their makeup tutorials in the track called 10 Minutes.

The essence of the trend is to convey the makeup aesthetics popular among Asian girls in the early 2000s. This means that it must necessarily include bright shadows of cold tones (blue, turquoise, white), a black arrow with small shadows and a lined lower eyelid, matte skin, pale blush and bright lips.

But the glamorous look of that period could not exist without a harmonious hairstyle. Most often, the aesthetic of 2000s Asian makeup is complemented by straightened, perfectly smooth hair or a low bun with loose strands.

Source: People Talk

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