New voice, less clashes, more gameplay, what does the new “Secret Story” have in store for us?

After seven years of absence, the cult reality show Secret Story will return this Tuesday 23 April on TF1. And with many changes, a much more refined version than previous seasons.

A higher-than-expected return. This Tuesday 23 April at 11.30pm, the cult show Secret Story is returning to TF1. After seven years of absence, this eleventh season promises many changes compared to the previous ones.

If it is always Christophe Beaugrand who will be in command, no more serial clashes, no more love (and sex) stories whose antics are broadcast almost in prime time. Now that TF1 has adopted the image of a family channel, its programs must do the same.

“A great game for the whole family”

This new version of Secret Story – which, apart from the launch, will only be broadcast daily – will be friendly, as the programs are designed to be seen with the family: “ We want to move away from this reality TV image to offer a great game for the whole family » declared al Point Julien Degrooté, director of development and creation at TF1. “ To accommodate a wider audience, we repositioned the show around gaming. We have imagined very funny games and secret missions that will make viewers laugh “, he continues.

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To do this, the casting was carefully done by TF1. No candidate willing to launch into a reality TV career as soon as they leave the game, but rather about fifteen more “authentic” personalities, who “won’t be present for Instagram or to show off their remade body”, always specifies a. Point Remi Faureprogram director at TF1.

Another notable change: The Voice. Central character of Secret Story, Domenico Foresta, who has played the role of game master since the first season aired in 2008, announced he was leaving the show. She will be replaced by a female voice, whose identity and voice are still unknown.

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