Here are the 5 scariest Disneys for children

  • The Lion King

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Pinocchio

  • Dumbo

  • Aladdin

Some Disney cartoons can have a strong impact on young people. While the entire film isn’t necessarily scary, some scenes in particular can leave their mark.

Just because it’s Disney doesn’t mean it’s necessarily all rosy and beautiful. Sometimes old-fashioned, more in line with current times, showing cruel or harsh scenes… Some films can even be traumatizing. Well, it’s not like you’re even showing it to him Saw OR Chainsaw massacre eh, and certain passages can have an interesting cathartic effect, but we decided to list here the Disney cartoons that manage to make the most impression (and which personally traumatized us as children).

1 – The Lion King

YES, The Lion King It’s Disney at its best, period. It’s all there: sublime landscapes, captivating characters, great music, it’s the best of the best. Nonetheless, several scenes are frightening, and above all one is particularly traumatic: the death of Mufasa, Simba’s father. We complain, we complain and 30 years later, we still can’t get over it.

2 – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs it’s a little old-fashioned, culturally obsolete, but it remains an iconic Disney cartoon. But wait two minutes, are we talking about the stress it generates? Between the princess knowing someone wants to kill her, running away into a mega creepy forest, all this to end up poisoned by an apple – go make the kids eat 5 fruits and veggies a day later – it’s really creepy.

3 – Pinocchio

Nothing goes with it Pinocchio, the thing is horrible from start to finish. Yes, a talking doll, sorry, but no, then the bandits who kidnap the aforementioned doll/puppet causing a lot of anxiety, the bad guy in his caravan who exploits Pinocchio, all this to end up on an island or turn into a donkey if he drinks or smoke. Oh yeah, and we’re talking about the whale that eats it? No really, there’s nothing wrong.

4 – Dumbo

So yes, we could say that Dumbo, he’s cute, he’s a little elephant with big ears and who can fly, yay. No, really, Dumbo he tells of the horrible harassment he suffers because of his physique, but also of his terrible separation from his mother who remains locked in a cage because she wanted to protect him. Let’s not forget to notice that the shot of the drunk elephant is tense.

5 – Aladdin

Yes, I hear you say that“Aladdin That’s great and I’m not going to contradict you. After The Lion King, is probably one of the best. But Jafar, damn it, Jafar… Jafar turning into a giant snake, Jafar turning into an evil genius, Jafar acting like a weird idiot to Jasmine… And the mountain of sand shaped like a lion who wants to imprison Aladdin? Honestly, you shouldn’t get scared easily, huh.

Leave me, I’ll go back and see Bluy.

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