Martin Scorsese tried to make a film about Frank Sinatra years ago with Leonardo DiCaprio but clashed with the family

He announced it recently Martin Scorsese would direct to Frank Sinatra biopic with Leonardo Dicaprio AND Jennifer Lawrence set to star.

This isn’t the first attempt Scorsese has made to get this DiCaprio biopic off the ground. Several years ago, around 2011, a screenplay was written by Field of Dreams scribe Phil Alden Robinsonbut that project was shelved due to a clash with the Sinatra family.

In 2016, while doing press for his religious drama SilenceScorsese told the Toronto Sun that his plans to direct DiCaprio in a Sinatra biopic had been shelved due to tensions between the director and Sinatra’s estate.

The director said, “We can’t do that! I think it’s finally over. They [remaining members of the Sinatra clan] will not agree. Open it again and I’m there!”

So what caused the tension? Scorsese wanted to explore Sinatra’s darker side and the family didn’t want that. Scorsese said: “Some things are very difficult for a family, and I understand them completely.”

He explained: “But, if they expect me to, they can’t hold back certain things. The problem is that this man was so complex. Everyone is so complex, but Sinatra in particular.

The family had a different view, but the fact is, we all know Sinatra had a dark side! He was part of the mafia, he was talented, but he did a lot of shady shit! These are the things that audiences are interested in, the dark and gritty side of things and Scorsese is great at telling those stories!

Variety reported that Scorsese “may encounter a similar problem as he plans to revive the Sinatra biopic starring DiCaprio and Lawrence: Sinatra’s estate is run by his daughter, Tina Sinatra, who has not yet given her blessing to the film.”

Lawrence’s attachment to the role of Ava Gardner may be why; Gardner broke up Sinatra’s marriage to Tina’s mother, Nancy Barbato. But it takes two to tango! Even Sinatra made her choices.

Either way, Scorsese wants to shed light on the darker side of Sinatra’s life and his infidelity is still a sore point after all these years.

We just have to wait and see if Scrsese will get the family’s blessing this time.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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