Fashion editor’s diary: Jacquemus’ wedding collection, the unknown Dua Lipa on the cover of Elle and other fashion news of the week

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Hello to all fashion lovers! Your fashion editor is here. There are so many trends and brands in my world that I decided to keep an online journal where I’ll take notes on the most important things in the industry. And although such diaries are often called personal, mine is open to all readers – so you will be aware of the most interesting things.

Mid-April refuses to please us with its weather, so we have to take solace in the news of the fashion world. Moreover, there was more than enough valuable news this week. For example, Simon Porte Jacquemus showed us a very atmospheric campaign for a wedding collection (we’re sure many people want to get married after watching this campaign). But Dua Lipa delighted in an image from Marc Jacobs’ latest collection on the new cover of Elle magazine (colorful tights are on point, too). And of course, what would a week be without Rihanna! The singer presented a new line of shoes.

There were really many interesting events this week, so I suggest you take a short digital journey with me into the latest news from the world of fashion and learn a little more about our domestic brands, advertising campaigns and collections. Shall we begin?

The inspiration for the creation of the Primavera (“Spring” in Italian) jewelery collection from the jewelery house MIUZ Diamonds was the idea of ​​a magical garden where spring is always experienced. The Primavera collection includes forget-me-nots, buttercups, hyacinths, crocuses and other flowers in topaz, pink tourmaline, citrine, amethyst, tanzanite and peridot, which serve as the main accent in bracelets, earrings and necklaces. And the scattering of diamonds reminds of a dissolution and a ringing fall. The design of the jewelry is elegant but also minimalist, making each product universal. Primavera bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings will suit any look and be relevant in any situation.

BAON brand, codenamed “Why Not?” It introduced a new limited edition collection. It includes the main trends of the spring-summer season for women and men. Long dresses made of fine knitwear, pleated skirts and tops, skirts and blouses with patch pockets will allow you to both create a basic look and add stylistic accents to it. A long vest with voluminous shoulders and popular palazzo trousers are suitable for every day and will leave room for experiments with the look for a special occasion. However, men can easily create an image from minimalist trousers or shorts, polos, viscose and linen shirts, oversized cardigans and cotton jackets, and a suit with wide trousers will be ideally combined with a basic T-shirt or shirt.

The collection uses natural and technological materials ideal for summer: comfortable cotton, universal viscose, breathable linen and silk, which provides a light tactile effect in some fabrics.

What happens when two completely different universes intersect at one point? There are two answers to this: either collapse or a new form of beauty. In the context of this news, the latter clearly won. That’s why Russian brand pps teamed up with designer Dima Magny to rethink the brand’s popular products and create a limited upcycled collection.

In this symbiosis, Dima’s philosophy combined with the pps manifesto, giving new meaning to familiar and familiar things. So each item in the collection gained two souls at once. For example, voluminous jackets revealed their insides, revealing the previously hidden denim spirit. And the denim jacket took on soft shapes by intertwining with an oversized sweatshirt.

Tired of the noise and crazy rhythm of the metropolis, but you don’t have time to travel outside? Since this situation is very familiar to us, we are looking for other ways to integrate with nature. For example, through jewelry. How? Simple. Most recently, we met the Russian jewelry brand Klever, whose team produces brooches, earrings and necklaces in the shape of flowers or fruits. Our favorite in the collection is the anthurium rosette. Complex technology allows you to make an exact copy of a leaf, flower or branch, repeating the unique design of nature down to the smallest detail. For the production of jewelry, high-quality metal is used – brass, silver and jewelry alloy. By the way, the brand is also environmentally friendly and the product packaging is made from special recycled paper.

Once upon a time, Yuri Gagarin, Yegor Letov, Viktor Tsoi, basketball player Sergei Belov and even “Well, Wait!” Kurt in the movie was wearing “Two Balls” sneakers. The brand made a big comeback in 2016. Now you can buy legendary models once owned by millions of idols. The team recently presented a spring-summer collection featuring two updated archival models. “Two Balls” 1965 sneakers are the first model of the brand, which continues the design history of the mid-20th century for 50 years and demonstrates an individual approach to the creation of each pair of shoes. However, the “Two Balls” sneakers from 1971 were the brand’s first low-top model. The distinctive feature of the design is the second tongue on the heel, which provides extra comfort when wearing. By the way, an unforgettable element is the decorative stitches symbolizing the sun’s rays. The logos of the sneakers on the side are hand-painted.

What does a modern princess look like? We take a look at the new campaign of Russian brand Only Me with fashion phenomenon Anna Karapetyan. There is a grotesque bow instead of a crown, the face shines with a flirtatious smile, there is a spring palette of tulips in the wardrobe, and next to it is your favorite mini pig. The new collection focuses on tweed, a material with character and noble origin. It was he who stood at the origins of the formation of many world fashion houses. Only I was able to give it new properties – incredibly bright and airy in images due to shadows.

There are six models in the collection: A-cut trench coat, bomber jacket, jacket, trousers and midi skirt. All in tweed or with subtle tweed accents. All models are characterized by thoughtful fit, neat inclusion of trends and ideal compatibility with each other and with the basic wardrobe. The brand’s designers tried to combine the features of impeccable elegance and comfort with a playful touch.

Rebranding is an important stage in the existence of a brand. In this way, you can reach a new level and attract the audience you want. Therefore, recently the team for children and teenagers of the Smena brand announced an update. In the brand’s collection you can find trendy products for every taste: from bright printed T-shirts to casual beige trousers. Large-scale rebranding also affected the store concept. The main task of the new store format is to convey the values ​​and DNA of the brand, creating an easy and emotional shopping environment for both children and their parents. Particular attention was paid to the selection of environmentally friendly materials – the designers collected plywood made from recycled raw materials from small Russian factories, which formed the basis of decorative elements, retail and promotional equipment for the store.

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