Disconnected: Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri celebrates coming of age without her star father

Suri Cruise. Photo: Legion-media

Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri celebrated her 18th birthday. The girl grew up and became an exact copy of Katie Holmes’ mother. Suri has nothing in common with her star father Tom Cruise.

Father and daughter have not communicated for 12 years. On Suri’s birthday, Tom Cruise is on the set of the new “Mission: Impossible” movie, several thousand kilometers away from the birthday girl.

Sources close to the girl say she is still considering her future career options, but is determined that Tom Cruise will not be in her life. “Even though Suri is 18, she will not have any contact with her father and even if he calls, he will not answer,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Once Suri reaches adulthood, the actor will no longer need to pay child support. Due to her obligations, she translated into approximately 37 million rubles a year for the maintenance of her daughter.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in 2006. They later had a daughter whom they named Suri. After the stars’ divorce in 2012, the girl continued to live with her mother in New York, Tom stopped communicating with the heiress.

Source: People Talk

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