Alena Shishkova for the first time announced the details of the new novel

Little is known about the personal life of Alena Shishkova after breaking up with Timati. The model appeared in “Is This Normal?”, where she revealed whether she is currently in a relationship or not. She took part in the program.

Alena Shiskova. Photo: social networks

It all started when the blogger, together with Olga Buzova, began to discuss whether the relationship could start by correspondence. Timati’s ex said that he allowed this option. “When two hearts come together, they can start in any way,” she shared the view.

After that, the presenter asked if he had a girlfriend. “Are you in a relationship now, Alena?” – Buzova explained. “Yes,” replied Shishkova. “I’m very happy. Didn’t they start with correspondence?” – Olga explained. “We can say this by correspondence,” Shishkova said.

Shishkova chose to leave the name of her chosen one a secret, but still revealed some details. “My boyfriend says I feel better without makeup. “He even says that if I wear make-up it makes me look old,” the celebrity admitted.

Olga Buzova

She stated that she does not like to wear make-up. “Many people see me without make-up. I do not like to wear make-up in daily life. This takes time,” said the model.

Let’s remember that Timati and Alena Shishkova started dating in 2012, and two years later the model gave birth to the rapper’s daughter Alisa. They broke up almost a year later. But despite the breakup, the exes have a great relationship. Previously, Alena Shishkova commented on rumors about her relationship with Pavel Durov.

Alena Shishkova and Timati with their daughter Alisa. Photo: social networks

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