“They have serious intentions”: Victoria Bonya took her daughter on a date with a new fan

For the last 10 years, the TV presenter has been living in two countries: Russia and Monaco. Now 44-year-old Victoria Bonya is in Moscow, where her heiress Angelina also comes.

Victoria Bonya. Photo: social networks

Recently the celebrity said she has a new boyfriend. He shared new details on his microblog. “My new fan is Angelina and she invited me to the movies and to lunch today,” Bonya said. “He brought flowers for both me and Encik! “Very careful,” said the star.

Victoria Bonya with her daughter. Photo: social networks

Victoria asked the girl if she liked everything. Angelina responded positively. The broadcaster also noted that the man wanted to take the child to Red Square and to get a manicure. “I feel like they have serious intentions,” Yıldız said.

Earlier, Victoria Bonya boasted that a fan threw flowers at her. The man turned out to be a tall stranger. Apparently, the presenter liked her advances, as evidenced by her enthusiastic stories about the new gentleman.

Source: People Talk

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