“A little romance”: Nikita Kologrivy talked about his relationship with Agata Muceniece

Today Laura Dzhugelia has an interview with Nikita Kologriv. We have collected here all the important things about him and read in this material what the actor tells about his relationship with Agata Muceniece.

Nikita Kologrivy and Agata Muceniece. Photo: social networks

“I was afraid to admit that I wanted to go for another walk, that I wanted to meet again. Deep down I wanted freedom, but on the outside I was acting like a decent husband. This is wrong. “There were betrayals on my part,” the artist admitted. Agata stated that the relationship with Muceniece “surfaced as it did.” “I think this is what all artists who play couples in movies need,” Kologrivy said.

Let us remind you that in February an anonymous source of the publication Kp.ru said that Agata Muceniece and Nikita Kologrivoy had a short relationship, and for this reason the actor even left his wife and child.

By the way, in the summer Agata had a video on YouTube in which she said that she called herself “Agatha Kologriva”. “Nikita got into my clutches! This is my new husband Nikita Kologrivy. Call me Agata Kologrivaya!” -then she commented.

Nikita Kologrivy and Alexandrina Pitirimova officially became husband and wife in 2020, six years after they met. In the spring of 2021, their daughter Yesenia was born. Alexandrina Pitirimova works at the Moscow Provincial Theatre.

Nikita Kologrivy and Alexandrina Pitirimova with their daughters. Photo: social networks

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