“I like another boy”: Olga Buzova criticized Nikita Kologrivoy

At the premiere of the film “Rain of Men” Olga Buzova told journalists about her acting colleagues. Media representatives specifically asked how the TV star felt about the ugly actor Nikita Kologrivy.

Nikita Kologrivy. Photo: social networks

The singer recalled the last scandal, when he got into a fight with the artist in a bar and bit a waiter’s leg, and ended up in a special detention center for seven days. The star admitted that she likes another actor.

“I like another boy – Slava Kopeikin,” Buzova said. Olga also criticized Nikita Kologrivy’s behavior: “I read when I was a woman… Paying attention to a man who pushes a woman… After such an act, I am not ready to comment on anything.”

Earlier, Olga Buzova announced that she had been refusing sex for three years. Read about it here.

Source: People Talk

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