Spring cleaning: these 3 mistakes we all make (and which ruin our cleaning)

  • Using dirty cleaning tools

  • Let’s start with the floors

  • Do not let the disinfectant work

Spring is here. And whoever says spring, says spring cleaning, but pay attention to small cleaning errors that risk ruining all your efforts. It would be a pity!

Do you want to do a big cleaning? Normally it is spring, the ideal time to completely clean the house, and in particular to wash those things and places that are imperative to clean at least once a year. To do this, equip yourself with the 3 essential products for an impeccable home, namely black soap, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. But be careful not to make certain fatal mistakes for cleaning your interiors. It would be a shame to waste all your hard work. A home expert, interviewed by the English site Express.uk, shared the most common incorrect cleaning practices he encounters. We have selected five of them.

Using dirty cleaning tools

Although it seems obvious, it is important to regularly clean and disinfect rags, toilet brushes and brushes, as well as empty the vacuum cleaner and change the filters. Otherwise you risk spreading bacteria, dust and dirt throughout your home.

Let’s start with the floors

This common cleaning mistake can be fatal and ultimately counterproductive. And for good reason, dirt will inevitably fall onto the floor when cleaning other surfaces. This is why floor cleaning should be at the end of your list. To put it simply, it is advisable to start from the top and gradually work your way down. “Otherwise, crumbs and dust could fall onto your freshly cleaned floors, undoing all your hard work,” specifies the specialist.

Do not let the disinfectant work

It’s a classic when you’re in a hurry. We position the product and immediately rub vigorously. However, it is essential to let disinfectant products sit, with shelf life specifications generally written in small print on the bottle. Let’s take white vinegar which is an excellent limescale remover. To descale taps and shower heads, leave a cloth soaked in white vinegar on for a few hours. Guaranteed glow!

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