Pamela Anderson may star in The X-Files

We are used to watching The X-Files with Gillian Anderson. What if Pamela Anderson had played her in the series instead? But it had to be this way.

A frame from the “X-Files” series

The creator of the film, Chris Carter, said in an interview with Inverse that he wanted to see Pamela in the role of Scully. “Even though Gillian was beautiful, she wasn’t sexy in their eyes. First of all, because they (the heads of the 20th Century Fox studio – Note ed.) I didn’t understand what I wanted to do with the series. Plus, no one knew him, which definitely doesn’t help,” Carter shared.

Pamela Anderson. Photo: Getty Images

The X-Files involves FBI agents working on an archive of unsolved paranormal cases. He believes in aliens, she is skeptical, but mutual distrust slowly turns into friendship and more!

Source: People Talk

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