7 signs that you met someone in your past life

By chance or fate? You ask yourself when you see someone who stirs up a storm of emotions in your soul. From somewhere comes the feeling that you have known a person your whole life, but your paths have just crossed. You seek scientific explanations for déjà vu, but subconsciously believe that you are spiritual twins separated by time and distance. You feel as if someone has erased shared memories from past lives. According to esotericism, this may be the case. Here are some signs that your paths have crossed in the past.

He also feels like he sees you somewhere

Léa Seydoux in the movie “Premonition”

It’s easy to get caught up in wishful thinking, but if a stranger admits that he might have seen you somewhere before or even before, most likely your ties of fate are already intertwined. It doesn’t matter how unlikely the meeting is. You can even meet through correspondence or live in other countries. This is exactly the situation in the movie “Premonition,” where Léa Seydoux’s main character finds herself meeting the same person while traveling through past lives.

They both feel each other’s mood

A person who knew you in a past life instinctively senses your mood. You don’t need words to explain something. Of course, everything happens on a whim. Even disagreements seem sweet to you. At the same time, time flows in a special way for you. You don’t always communicate adequately with each other. You think you’ve only been sitting in a cafe for a few hours, then you look out the window and it’s already dark, but that doesn’t upset either of you at all.

Communicate telepathically

You will notice that your actions are synchronized. Before you have time to think that it would be nice to go to a concert, a person writes to you that he bought tickets. And so it is with everything: as if one guesses desires before they have time to express them. Sometimes you even say the same thing at the same time or complete each other’s thoughts exactly. It sounds like you don’t need words – and you both like it.

You dream about it when you’re a kid

If you begin to often have dreams with the participation of your new acquaintances, and he appears in them as a child or in general as someone from your relatives, then your souls are definitely connected on an energetic level. It is worth saying that the bond between you can always be spiritual rather than just love. Perhaps you will find an assistant and protector in this person.

Uncanny resemblance to one of your relatives

Cameron Bright and Nicole Kidman in “Birth”

You’re definitely not related, but there’s something about this person that reminds you painfully of a family member. Maybe this is true. According to Buddhism and other beliefs, a deceased relative can be reborn in another body. Moreover, you may notice strange moments, for example, when the difference in birth date and age is almost the same as that of a relative who is no longer alive. Your friend is a brother or sister, uncle or aunt, etc. It could be reincarnation. So, in the movie “Birth”, Nicole Kidman’s heroine, just before her engagement, meets among the guests a ten-year-old boy who assures her that he is the reincarnation of her husband Sean, who died of a heart attack.

Strong changes occur with its appearance

If your life with this person begins to change dramatically and often for the better, then you are definitely connected with something more. Probably, from a karmic point of view, your relationship is needed to learn a lesson, but it is possible that your connection is also needed for something more, for example, it may be the birth of a child that will influence events in your destiny. World.

Do you think this is your destiny?

Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

No matter how much you try to convince yourself that you are “just friends” or “just a couple”, deep down you feel that there is a strong energy field between you. This is a match made in heaven. And most importantly, it is mutual. Remember how the characters of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” begin to meet again, even though they both decide to use technology to erase all memories of each other. Maybe accidents aren’t accidental after all?

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