What can and cannot be done on the Vernal Equinox Day 2024 – answers the astrologer

According to the astronomical calendar, this year the spring equinox will occur on March 20. This means that real spring begins from this date. Due to the fact that the sun’s rays fall on our planet perpendicular to the equator, we receive an equal amount of heat.

Since ancient times, our ancestors have celebrated this event with merry festivities at the fair, glorification of the Sun, pancakes and cookies in the form of larks. From a scientific perspective, it is the day when the length of day and night is almost the same throughout the world.

What changes does this astronomical event signal? What needs to be done on this day to get the support of higher powers? So what should you definitely not do to avoid scaring your luck?

Astrologist Katarina Shorokhova answered these questions. She told us what can and cannot be done on the Spring Equinox.

Katarina Shorokhova, astrologer and numerologist

What will the 2024 Spring Equinox bring?

This year’s spring equinox falls on March 20 and is an important astronomical event because on this day there is equal light day and night.

This day is considered the beginning of astronomical spring. From an astrological perspective, this is the day when the Sun enters the sign of Aries and thus begins a new cycle. Today is a great day to set intentions, make plans and prepare a wish map. Aries brings ambition, confidence and energy and prepares us for renewal and new opportunities.

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In German tradition, Ostara is celebrated on the Spring Equinox. This is a holiday of spring and sun. The name of the holiday is associated with the goddess Eostra, the patroness of the sun, spring and fertility. The holiday historically signified that the land was ready for planting. Eid brings purification and renewal for people.

Some symbols of the holiday:

Rabbit – symbol of youth, activity and rebirth;

Pigeon – personification of harmony and good luck;

Apple – symbol of eternal youth;

Egg – symbol of the origin of life.

What can and cannot be done on Equinox Day?

This day or the eve of the Equinox is great for cleaning and getting rid of everything unnecessary. It is also helpful to burn incense or place a diffuser containing gentle floral essential oils such as rose, neroli, lavender.

The most important thing to do on this day is to set the festive table, light candles and have fun. Making a wish is also nice. You can light a white, green or gold candle by saying or thinking about your wish and then let the candle burn.

If time permits, you can make a wish card. To do this, take a thick sheet of paper A3 or larger and divide it into three zones: the first is your present life, the second is your future actions, and the third is your life where your wishes come true. Leave a space at the bottom of the page for your resource actions at each stage. You can search for pictures to paste on the card in magazines or pre-print them from the internet.

Like any other holiday, on this day you should not quarrel with loved ones, otherwise quarrels will continue all year. Also, don’t get upset and think that you won’t succeed because this will determine your mood for the future. It is also important that on this day you do only what you love, otherwise there is a risk of living the whole year according to other people’s desires.

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