A rare debut: Ekaterina Klimova pleased her fans with her image

Ekaterina Klimova does not often attend social events. However, if the actor opens up to the world, he does it very well.

Ekaterina Klimova. Photo: social networks

The celebrity appeared at the Bravo Music Awards tonight. For her look, the actress opted for an emerald satin gown and completed her look with a high hairstyle and a clutch bag.

Despite her recognition, Ekaterina Klimova prefers to lead a closed lifestyle. Besides rarely appearing in public, the actor almost never gives interviews. But sometimes she still decides to talk to journalists. So last spring the actor made a serious statement. In a conversation with Natalya Strelets, the celebrity admitted that she was harassed at work more than once. “If your dignity is so important to you, you have the opportunity to walk away without getting this role. “But if you decide that it’s okay, then it would just be a shame and a disgrace to talk about it.”

Source: People Talk

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