Timati’s mother touched the public with archive photos of her granddaughter Alisa

Simon Yunusova. Photo: social networks

Today Simona Yunusova congratulated Alisa, daughter of rapper Timati and Alena Shishkova, on her anniversary. The girl turned 10 years old. The famous grandmother also shared family archive photos on social networks.

Timati with his daughter Alisa. Photo: social networks

“My dear girl, you are a huge, complex and completely new world for me, which I am learning to accept and learn to accept!” – Simona Yakovlevna wrote in a congratulatory post. She stated that she will support her beloved grandson until the last episode of the series, in which the main character gets married and, most importantly, “finds his vocation”. Internet users were very pleased with the touching images.

Earlier, Timati’s mother told how the relationship between the musician’s new girlfriend Valentina and her children developed.

The news was prepared by Vladlena Korol.

Source: People Talk

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