This genius tip could help your kids stop staying late in the morning

If your children have trouble getting to school on time in the morning, this little tip might help them.

It is not easy, even for adults, to have a sense of time. So for children it is even more complicated. How do you easily explain to them that they have 5 minutes to brush their teeth or that they only have 10 minutes to get dressed before they are officially late for school? How can we make them understand that the minutes pass quickly if we don’t show them what they really represent? But the Internet is a sometimes magical place, full of tips and tricks for learning basic things, without crises and dramas.

A watch modified to understand the concept of time

This tip for understanding the concept of time comes directly from Instagram. It was shared by user @livingwiththeevans, who struggled with her 5-year-old daughter before school every morning. The little girl, like many other children, had difficulty understanding what” 5 minutes to brush your teeth“. Her mother had the idea of ​​drawing, with a color code and a legend next to it, a pie chart on a clock. This way your child can understand the time allocated to each activity and view the remaining minutes.

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It’s very simple, but it can be effective! Personally I’m on the verge of giving this watch as a gift, not to my kids (though) but mostly to my best friend who is systematically late every time we have to meet somewhere. If that helps, eh.

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