The 7 most “drinking” professions in Russia and abroad

English playwright Bernard Shaw believed that alcohol was like an anesthetic, helping to endure the operation called life. Despite the harm that alcoholic beverages cause to health, for many people it is the most effective way to relax after a hard day at work. We tell you in which professions people abuse alcohol the most.

Builders, miners and housing and communal services workers

Mads Mikkelsen in “One More Time”

According to statistics from drug treatment clinics, the biggest abusers of alcohol in the world are construction workers, miners and utility workers. This includes hard physical work, stress and often irregular schedules. Additionally, workers constantly face injuries and other hazards in the workplace. Their activities involve risk, so they have high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in their blood. Therefore, alcohol is the fastest and cheapest way to feel forgetfulness and relaxation.


It turns out that the profession of a teacher is no less stressful. Moreover, there are university professors among those who like to drink. Apart from just teaching about their subject, they also need to maintain discipline in the classroom at all times. At the same time, working with children requires attention: the teacher is responsible not only for the student’s development, but also for the student’s state of health. If one of the kids starts a fight and the teacher doesn’t follow through, the blame will be on him. At the same time, the attitude of parents and children towards teachers is not respectful enough. Constant contact with children leads to emotional breakdowns and burnout.


Although doctors are people who fight for the life of every patient, they often face negativities. They often have to make difficult decisions under time pressure. At the same time, they must not only provide professional help, but also reassure patients and sometimes overly emotional relatives. They resort to black humor and alcohol to cope with stress.


If in Russia lawyers are not among the most “drinking” professions, then in Europe and especially in the USA they are almost in second place. This is understandable, considering that in Western countries people are sued for the slightest reason. Almost every family and company has its own lawyer – a profession as common as a psychologist. Due to high competition, drinking becomes their frequent companion.


The military profession is also considered one of the most “drinking” professions in the world. After all, they have to regularly risk their lives and work almost 24 hours a day in the field. Lack of comfortable conditions, death of comrades, injuries, separation from loved ones and constant exercises – all this often affects not only physical but also emotional health. Military personnel in particular suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, instead of qualified help, many resort to a simple and proven remedy – drinking.

Actors and musicians

Actors and musicians live in the rhythm of the show for the applause of the audience (the show must go on). For this reason, they often become emotionally exhausted. Their stage personas make it difficult for them to show their emotions in public. After all, you need to smile even when cats are scratching at your soul. Therefore, alcohol becomes their frequent companion.

Waiters and bartenders

The job of waiter and bartender is often not perceived as prestigious enough. Because of this, they often have to deal with rude, incompetent customers. They also unknowingly become “psychologists” into whom their clients pour out their souls. With easy access to booze and a sedentary lifestyle, this is the easiest way for them to relax.

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