Divorce: bad news, this popular belief is finally current

Almost one in two marriages ends in divorce in France. An English study analyzed the duration of marriage and its causes. And obviously it is the 7 year mark that proves fatal.

Today in France one in two couples separates, and almost one in two marriages ends in divorce (44%). And in the majority of cases (75%) it is women who initiate the separation. They are also the ones who pay the highest price and are affected by post-divorce insecurity. In 2016, a study by INSEE revealed this the risk of divorce was greatest after 5 years of marriage. No new data since then, but a recent English study, conducted by the Divorce-Online website and reported by the sun, caught our attention. This survey showed that most divorces would take place after 7 years of marriage. Which therefore confirms the popular belief according to which the milestone of seven years of marriage would be difficult for couples to overcome, if not impossible.

The 7 year milestone is not a myth

The study adds it Generation X couples – those who are now between 44 and 59 years old – separate at an average age of 43.9 years. They cite financial pressures as the main reason for divorce. Previous work has suggested other recurring reasons for divorce, such as infidelity or women’s mental burden. A spokesperson for Divorce-Online.co.uk said: “Our research sheds new light on marriage and divorce trends, confirming that the seven-year mark is real and particularly affects Generation X couples.”.

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