Is it possible to create 5 looks with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans?

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“I am a woman, and that means I am an actress, I have a hundred faces and a thousand roles” – this statement is more relevant than ever for all residents of large cities. The crazy rhythm of the metropolis affects every aspect of our lives. Drinking coffee before work is the only way to get going, lunch breaks are replaced by deliveries, leaving disastrously little time for shopping. But what if your plans for the week include an important business meeting, a romantic date, meeting their parents, as well as a corporate event and a friend’s wedding? The answer is simple: shopping at Familia’s discount stores and choosing the right clothes.

In order not to be unfounded and prove with our own experience that versatility is more important than a huge wardrobe, we decided to conduct an experiment and sent our fashion editor to Familia. She took the regular jeans and white t-shirt that everyone has in their wardrobe as a basis and, with the help of the right styling, put together five universal looks that are suitable for literally every occasion. He also shared useful secrets for those who will go shopping at Familia for the first time.

Don’t be afraid of the size of the store. Out of habit, it may seem as if you’re in a huge wardrobe and your eyes are going wild involuntarily. But do not panic, in Familia everything is divided into intuitive zones: women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, children’s products, accessories and even household items. And designer brands (yes, they are there too) are represented in the Golden Brands zone – here you can find both well-known brands and niche and local brands.

Walk between the tracks. We are usually used to focusing on a single area when shopping. But luckily this plan doesn’t work in Familia. A huge number of products from different brands are presented here, so we recommend walking along the rails – after all, you can sometimes find the same thing in other sections (for example, in men’s or children’s).

Look at the labels. We’ve previously mentioned that Familia has a separate area featuring Gold Brands designer brands, but in other departments you’ll only find original brands that the buying team buys directly. In addition, not only past collections are presented here, but also samples from new collections and products created in test format that will never be released.

Pay attention to discounts. Familia has brands at different levels: from mass market to designer brands (hint: Golden Brands territory), but seasonal collections, no dominant trend or color. However, the most important thing is that all products are sold with serious discounts of up to 85%.

Price in Familia / price in other stores: jeans 4,499 rubles / 13,999 rubles; T-shirt 999 rubles / 1,399 rubles; Patrol sneakers 3,799 rubles / 7,299 rubles; bomber jacket 4,999 rubles/11,999 rubles; sweatshirt with zipper Topshop 2,099 rubles / 7,199 rubles;

Agree that the main rule of any appearance in everyday life is comfort. And yes, we could stick to our base of white t-shirts and jeans, but we don’t want to blend in with the crowd, right? Therefore, we follow all the rules of it-girls and arm ourselves with a voluminous bomber jacket and a pastel fleece. We also recommend completing your outfit with accent earrings.

Price in Familia / price in other stores: jeans 4,499 rubles / 13,999 rubles; T-shirt 999 rubles / 1,399 rubles; Bronx ankle boots 6,129 rubles / 23,999 rubles; French Connection bag 2,449 rubles / 10,099 rubles; United Colors of Benneton shirt RUB1,799/RUB6,999; jacket Threadbare Luxe 7,199 rubles / 19,999 rubles; Abehangdot belt 399 rubles / 1,599 rubles;

In this case we persistently claim that we are real corporate girls and we know what we are talking about. The basic pieces are again a t-shirt and jeans, but let’s turn to proven tricks to give the look a put-together and professional look: layering and a trench coat. Accessorize with a chunky belt and platform shoes.

Price in Familia / price in other stores: jeans 4,499 rubles / 13,999 rubles; T-shirt 999 rubles / 1,399 rubles; Madella moccasins 4,799 rubles / 7,999 rubles; Michael Kors biker jacket 54,499 rubles / 99,999 rubles; T-shirt 999 rubles / 2,199 rubles; Apricot belt 1,299 rubles / 3,699 rubles; Zarina bag 1,199 rubles / 1,999 rubles;

Metallic wardrobe items are 100% a spring trend. We see them on catwalks, in social media feeds and on the streets of major cities. By the way, a white T-shirt can be easily worn with a different colored long sleeve. We chose black for this look, but you can safely replace it with trendy red, cherry or sky blue. The important thing is that the white t-shirt is visible.

Price in Familia / price in other stores: jeans 4,499 rubles / 13,999 rubles; T-shirt 999 rubles / 1,399 rubles; Befree skirt 909 rubles / 2,599 rubles; Abehangdot belt 399 rubles / 1,599 rubles;

Who said jeans can’t be worn with a skirt? The entire fashion community votes for this number. We recommend completing your outfit with a chain belt and accent earrings. By the way, another trick to wearing a basic t-shirt is to twist it into a loose knot at the waist and turn the hem inward.

Price in Familia / price in other stores: jeans 4,499 rubles / 13,999 rubles; T-shirt 999 rubles / 1,399 rubles; By far the mule 18,399 rubles / 42,299 rubles; trench coat 6,999 rubles/13,999 rubles; belt chain 1,599 rubles/3,599 rubles;

Tired of beige trench coats? Then feel free to buy colorful ones. There are tons of trendy options at the Familia store chain, but we settled on a feminine purple and styled it with gold mules and a belt chain. Meanwhile, this look transformed the basic white t-shirt into a top. How to do it? Carefully tuck the bottom of your t-shirt under the bra and voila! – turned out to be a completely different element.

Photographer: Alexander Novikov

Stylist: Christina Constantinou

Makeup artist: Dina Popova lenayasenkovateam

Advert. LLC “MAXIMA GROUP”, TIN: “7703295463”, identification number: 2SDnje5EVp4

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