Louis Vuitton was criticized after the incident with Emma Stone’s dress at the 2024 Oscars ceremony

Emma Stone Photo: Getty Images

Attacks on the Louis Vuitton fashion house hit social networks due to the fact that the brand’s dress ripped actress Emma Stone during the main film awards ceremony. This was reported by Page Six.

Emma Stone Photo: Legion-media

Fans of the artist accused the creators of the outfit of poor quality work. They are angry that the dress did not last even two hours on the Oscar-winning actress. According to fans of the star, such a brand cannot be considered high fashion. Commentators said Louis Vuitton ruined one of the most enjoyable days of Emma Stone’s career. They also noted that the actor behaved quite honorably in this situation.

The celebrity started her Oscar speech by saying that her dress was torn and asked her not to look back. Stone later admitted that she damaged Ryan Gosling’s outfit while dancing during his performance. “It was worth ripping the dress,” the star joked.

By the way, if you want to repeat Emma Stone’s make-up in the movie “The Lost and Lost”, you can read it here.

Source: People Talk

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