President’s diet: What is included in the president’s diet?

We’re sure you’ve often wondered what a typical day for a head of state looks like. Typically, the president’s daily routine is rarely known to the public. The explanation for this is simple; security. Therefore, “Does the President drink tea or coffee?”, “What does he eat for breakfast or dinner?” Answers to these questions are sought. and “what time does he go to bed on the weekend?” It’s worth looking at personal statements or figuring it out on your own by inference.

Vladimir Putin does not like to talk about his personal life, but journalists still sometimes manage to get the president to talk a little. On the eve of the election, we are telling you everything that is known about the special diet he has been following for many years.

In general, the President of Russia is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Both he and press secretary Dmitry Peskov have repeatedly mentioned this. “I have a general rule, you can call it a diet, there is no need: everything is good in moderation,” he said on a direct phone line in 2021. And when he first went to the country, he told the Kremlin chefs that it would be better not to serve him too complex or special dishes.

In the morning, the Russian President likes to eat porridge. His favorites are rice, buckwheat or millet. But he won’t eat oatmeal. ​Vladimir Putin’s menu also includes cottage cheese, honey and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, greens). He admitted that he sometimes prepares the salad for himself. True, the recipe was never specified. The President also likes to eat eggs for breakfast. This year, he told reporters that he could eat a dozen meals in the morning. Now the amount of protein in the diet has decreased.

Journalists were even able to ask the head of state the main question regarding the national cuisine – okroshka with kvass or kefir? Then know that the president is on the team of those who chose the first option. And if they ask what to serve, meat or fish, he prefers the latter. But when he wants meat, he chooses lamb.

The president’s diet also includes some “forbidden” foods. Vladimir Putin does not eat sweet or starchy foods, but he makes an exception for ice cream. By the way, not a single menu of official dinners with the heads of other states is complete without fruit sorbet. The President also likes to drink tea; He prefers freshly brewed green or Altai herbal tea instead of coffee.

Alcohol is also restricted in the president’s life; Since his time in Germany, he tries not to drink Radeberg beer, although he admits that he loves it. Asked by a journalist in 2020 whether the head of state could go out with friends without security on a Friday evening, Putin said that he had been trying not to drink beer lately: “It makes his belly grow.”

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