We tested this mascara which increases the volume of the eyelashes by… 25%

Recently released, Clarins Wonder Volume XXL mascara is the ideal tool for increasing the volume of your lashes without forming clumps. And his promise is ambitious.

The perfect mascara is very difficult to find. Some people form clumps at the slightest stroke of the brush, others have difficulty keeping their eyelashes curled, not to mention those who have no effect at all… This is why in recent months this cosmetic tool is no longer much appreciated by younger people. who prefer natural looks or, on the contrary, the application of false eyelashes with a telescopic appearance.

Luckily, there are mascaras that seem to have been designed to put things right again. Clarins Wonder Volume XXL is one of them. Halfway between skincare and make-up, the latter combines an 86% formulation similar to that of a treatment with intense black pigments. But that is not all! Two exclusive complexes have been developed by the house to enhance its skills.

First, the Volumizing Wax Complex combines jojoba, acacia and sunflower waxes to nourish lashes. Lash Boosting, for its part, is a mixture of panthenol and sphinganine and helps strengthen lashes, lengthen them and thicken them. Thanks to the Lash Boosting complex, the eyelashes will gradually lengthen, thicken and thicken their length will naturally increase by 25% within 28 days of use, according to clinical tests. After ? It’s up to you whether you want to continue using mascara or whether the length of your natural eyelashes is sufficient.

The opinion of Madmoizelle’s beauty editor

If you like to obtain a discreet result, with elongated eyelashes without creating ugly flycatchers, this is the product for you! After applying it daily for a month, I noticed that in addition to fully performing its functions as a mascara, my bare eyelashes had become less brittle and (above all) longer. Covered with healing active ingredients throughout this time, they have been able to develop their strength in the face of daily aggressions (removal of make-up, wind, friction). It is therefore rarer to see them fall out and I feel less need to apply mascara daily.

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