$2 million and greetings from the President to climb Everest. Who is the publisher Mellstroy?

Mellstroy. Photo: social networks

Scandalous blogger and trash publisher Andrei Burim (known as Mellstroy or Melstroy) is not discussed unless he is lazy. Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs put him on the wanted list under a criminal article, RBC writes, citing the ministry’s search database. It is not reported exactly why the blogger was sought.

At the same time, some Telegram channels claim that the reason was a refusal to serve in the Belarusian army (Burim has Belarusian citizenship). According to them, a criminal case was opened against him for evading military service in Belarus. Mellstroy currently lives in Dubai and previously lived in Moscow for a long time.

In April 2023, Roskomnadzor blocked the accounts of 15 bloggers on publishing platforms for advertising online casinos. Mellstroy was among them.

In July 2021, Burim was sentenced to six months in corrections for brutally beating a girl for no reason on live television. The streamer’s victim was model Alena Efremova. In addition, the video blogger was charged 22,444 rubles for providing medical assistance to the victim and 50 thousand as compensation for moral damage.

Burim’s broadcasts also feature girls he undresses live. Mellstroy also invites everyone to participate in various sweepstakes. Thus, he promised 45 million rubles to anyone who would climb the 8848-meter summit of Everest. “If a photo of me or my pseudonym gets to the top of Mount Everest, you will receive 45,000,000 rubles,” the blogger wrote.

And now it is known that Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda sent a video congratulations to the garbage man who accidentally took part in his challenge. This was reported by the Telegram channel “Axe 18+”. The fact is that in one of his broadcasts, Mellstroy promised to pay anyone $ 2 million if he recorded a greeting sent to him on behalf of the president of any country. The first person to complete the competition was a Lithuanian student. He found the head of state in Vilnius Cathedral Square, where he gave a speech on the occasion of Lithuanian Independence Day.

The boy approached the president with his smartphone’s selfie camera open and wanted to say hello to Mellstroy without identifying who he was. Nauseda fulfilled the student’s request. However, the publisher did not fully fulfill its promise. After seeing the recorded video, Mellstroy said that Nauseda’s greetings were not interesting enough and agreed to pay only 150 thousand dollars for it.

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