How do you determine your hair type?

Not once again, but again, new beauty secrets are being rediscovered on TikTok. This time we learn how to determine your hair type at home using thread, water and napkins. We are talking about them.

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Thread test. Method of determining hair thickness. To do this, you will need a hair (do not remove it from your head, it is better to take it from the comb) and place it next to a thin strand. If the hair diameter is large, you have thick hair; if it is small or the same, you have thin hair.

Water test. Allows you to determine the porosity and absorbency of the hair. For this test, place a lock of hair in water and see how the hair behaves. If it floats on the surface – low porosity, if it drowns – high, and if it sinks but does not touch the bottom of the glass – then the hair is balanced and has normal porosity.

Napkin test. Finally, there is a way to determine the oiliness of your scalp. In the morning, apply the napkin to different areas of the scalp and then evaluate the result. If there are oily marks on the napkin, it means your scalp is oily. If the napkin remains dry, it is dry. If there are few oily traces or they are unevenly distributed on the napkin, the skin is normal or combination.

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