5 ways to extend your pet’s life

We are responsible for those we tamed, so do not be lazy to resort to simple rules to extend the life of your beloved pet. We will tell you about five working methods that will make your four-legged friend long-lived.

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Monitor your pet’s weight

We too understand that it’s hard to refuse when those charming eyes look at you and ask for more food. But most often it is weight problems that affect the health of pets. Especially in small breed dogs and rare cats. Of course, you can treat your beloved pet to something delicious, but don’t make it a regular habit.

Spend more time outside

Of course, there are also pet owners who are categorically against the street. However, fresh air did not harm anyone. Carefully treat your pet’s fur for ticks and start going outside with him. If you’re really worried, hold him in your arms as you walk.

Train his brain and teach him commands

Of course, it is difficult to imagine with what face a cat could do something at your request (because there is nothing to ask for such a thing, a mere mortal). However, it is training commands that will make your pet live longer. Brain function has never harmed anyone.

give him time

If you are at work all day, remember that somewhere in your home your four-legged friend is waiting for you all day. No matter what situation you return home in, make time for someone who is waiting for your meeting moment all day long.

Take him to the vet regularly

You don’t forget the check-up, do you? Therefore, you should not forget to examine your pet. Take him to the veterinarian regularly to monitor all processes in the body.

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